About Us

NsNewsWire is an award-winning news agency in Bangladesh. NsNewsWire, which is Bangladesh’s first press news agency, has exchange agreement with many leading news agencies, dailies and tv channels in Bangladesh and elsewhere in Asia. A number of Bangladesh’s leading print and electronic media journalists, photojournalists, and video journalists have been working for our NsNewsWire established in 2013. NsNewsWire through its Editor Sheuli Akter has got the award from the World Media Summit (www.worldmediasummit.org). NsNewsWire Editor Sheuli Akter, a female journalist, and Chief Editor NK Sanchaya attended the award ceremony in Beijing on January 2015. Sheuli Akter has previously worked for UNB, now defunct Bangladesh Observer and Tuck Magazine (Canada). NK (Naim Ul Karim) Sanchaya is also a truly professional journalist. Prior to joining NsNewsWire, he worked at the Financial Express. Apart from NsNewsWire, he has also been working for Xinhua News Agency of China. Mr. Karim is a member of the National Press Club. A consistently dependable team player, he thrives in a high-pressure environment, enjoy the challenges of meeting deadlines and managing a team, and is comfortable researching, writing and editing on a wide range of topics in both Bengali and English languages.

Contact Details:
House: C/2, Road: 9
Banasree, Dhaka
Mobile: 8801769935820
Email: nsnewswire@gmail.com