Bangladesh’s IPSSL group, Malaysia’ Glove Technology team up to market EcoGlove

DHAKA, Oct. 22 (IPSSL Press Release) — Bangladesh’s leading IPSSL group Tuesday announced that it now represents Malaysia’ Glove Technology in the country as the service provider of a new product line called the EcoGlove including a Glove Unique Reprocessing Unit (GURU) System, the latest innovation in single used glove technology.

The announcement came one day after the leading Bangladeshi group has signed an agreement with Glove Technology, owned by Former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Haji Abdullah Bin Ahmad Badawi.

The agreement was signed between The Glove Technology SA and IPSSL Group on Oct. 21 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Agreement was formally signed by Tun Haji Abdullah Bin Ahmad Badawi,chairman of The Glove Technology, and Haider Uzzaman, chairman of IPSSL Group, on behalf of their respective sides.

Under the agreement, Glove Technology will also provide technology and support to IPSSL group to set up this unique EcoGlove industry in Bangladesh, to save the environment and reduce the cost substantially.

Speaking at the agreement signing ceremony, Haider Uzzaman thanked the former Malaysian prime minister for choosing his group as its partner in Bangladesh for expanding the technology, an innovative solution to disposable medical glove, in Bangladesh for the benefit of the people of Bangladesh.

Haider requested the Malaysian Investors to invest more and more in private sectors of Bangladesh capitalizing the South Asian country’s huge human capital who have already demonstrated their skills in the development of Malaysia’s economy hand in hand with the Malaysians.

In response to his request, Badawi assured Haider of all out assistance by him, Malaysian government and private sectors for the development of a brotherly country like Bangladesh.

He also mentioned that this small investment of few million U.S. Dollars will soon be billions of Dollars, should the Bangladeshi entrepreneurs be able to tap and welcome the group appropriately, and the Bangladesh government provides all supports to the Malaysian and international Investors.

This patented system combines the benefits of overcoming various issues of single use gloves which recently provide new avenue in patients’ care and customers’ safety as well as special approach towards protecting the nature resulting in unmatched cost savings.

The unique selling proposition of the products and services, in particular the healthcare providers, is its readiness to attract both foreign and local clientele as the selling of usage concept of a reusable QUALITY and AFFORDABLE single use glove is new in this part of the world.

The business concept, meanwhile, will allow IPSSL Group to lock in end-users at their respective entitled market in a continual cycle of reprocessing that compel customers to keep on using the EcoGlove to realize significant supply chain cost savings of 10% – 50% and superior product safety characteristics over regular disposable gloves.

Repeat customers provide multiple recurrent revenue streams from usage-sale of new and reconditioned gloves, GURU sales and reprocessing royalties that creates a unique service-oriented business model in contrast to single-sale system used by current glove manufacturers and distributors.

The soft launching program of the product together with the showcase of the reprocessing demonstration is scheduled to take its place at the Reprocessing Plant, sooner.

IPSSL Group would appreciate the opportunity to show the public especially the potential clients how this technology will provide high quality products and great customer service at a competitive price. Endtiem