“Blocking bandwidth for disputed demand is inappropriate and illegal”: Grameenphone

DHAKA, July 7 (NsNewsWire) — Grameenphone protested against the recent BTRC directive to the IIG operators in
Bangladesh to reduce their international internet bandwidth to Grameenphone by 30 percent, at a press
conference today held in Dhaka.
While the directive is not addressed to Grameenphone, BTRC has publicly stated that the bandwidth
capacity will remain blocked until Grameenphone pay a disputed audit demand. The BTRC directive is
therefore specially designed to put pressure on the operator by negatively impacting customer
experience on the operator’s network. The directive would also have a negative consequence for local
business communities and for the affected IIGs as they would lose potential revenue and business
opportunities for a situation totally outside their control.
The operator asserted that it was very unfortunate that directives to the IIG operators were given in an
attempt by the regulator to pressure GP to pay a disputed audit claim. The telecom operator believes
that this move is illegal, and the company will seek intervention of the Court against this unconscionable
decision of the regulator.
Speaking on the occasion, Michael Foley, CEO of Grameenphone, stated, “The directive adds a burden to
Bangledeshi people and businesses. We request BTRC to withdraw the referenced directives and
cooperate in resolving the disputed audit demand through a constructive arbitration process under the
Arbitration Act 2001.”
Earlier Grameenphone had served a Notice of Arbitration on the BTRC inviting the regulator to a
constructive arbitration process to resolve the disputed audit claim. BTRC has remained silent.
Grameenphone has been continuously reiterating that a constructive relationship with the regulator
based on common visions and goals is required to realize the Digital Bangladesh ambition. There is a
need for clear guidelines and a framework that is fair, transparent and adheres to the laws of
Pointing out that Grameenphone is a compliant company, Michael Foley highlighted that GP has been
the largest corporate taxpayer in the country since 2015. Press Release