China: Prescription for Poverty| Official Trailer 1

A Xinhua News Agency presented documentary film — China:Prescription for Poverty, is all set to release in Febr. 28, 2021.

In nine stories, this documentary #ChinaPrescriptionForPoverty unveils the secrets of China’s war on poverty and its significance to the rest of the world. Who’ve been benefited? How was the war won? What experience can be drawn upon by other world nations? The answers will be found in the 50-minute multilingual film.

See it on Xinhua News app, China Xinhua News accounts @youtube, facebook, and twitter on Feb. 28.

Having lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, what China has done was  commended by António Guterres, the UN chief, as “the greatest anti-poverty accomplishment in history”.

Who were the poor? What had to be done? Who were to implement the policies? Theanswers will be found in the 50-minute multilingual film.

A Tibetan herdsman who used to oversee 6 yaks now looks after 600; A 14-year-old boy of the Yi People fought his way out of the mountains through a boxing programme in his high school; With help of E-commerce, 7.5 tons of unmarketable dried persimmon was sold out in a single live-stream sale……

The documentary depicts 9 poverty alleviation stories, analyzing experiences through provision of employment, e-commerce, improving health care, the development of education and industries, among others. It also shows how the practices enlightened a Tanzanian sisal farm manager, a former Thai defense official, and many more across the globe.

The film discusses about the possibilities of how the experiences can be applied elsewhere, as eliminating poverty is an ideal shared by all, conveying a message that, on the path towards a better life, we are never alone.

The documentary is produced by Xinhua’s documentary crew, who have previously documented series such as Trade Wind between China and Africa and Light of Wisdom·Belt and Road.

Shot on 4K by awards-winning cinematographers, the film covers a massive range of terrain across China. Utilizing aerial and underwater cinematography, the untold is being told, the unseen is being shown. The film will also be presented in Dolby Vision.