China’s Guangming Online, Bangladesh’s NsNewsWire sign news cooperation agreement

DHAKA, Aug.  23 (NsNewsWire) — Bangladesh’s first press news agency– NsNewsWire — has signed a news and photo service cooperation agreement with Guangming Online, a leading Chinese news website.

Zeng Fanhua, director of international communication center of Guangming, and NK Sanchaya, chief editor of NsNewsWire, signed the  agreement on be half of their respective sides recently.

Under the agreement, NsNewsWire and Guangming Online will also cooperate with each-other on national and international news coverage and content development issues on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

The agreement will help the two sides exploit each other’s advantage and promote mutual understanding and friendship between the people of the two countries.

The agreement is expected to further enhance Guangming Online-NsNewsWire cooperation in news reporting.

Headquartered in Beijing,, official website of Guangming Daily, also called Guangming Online, is one of the major central news websites and a leader in innovation and media convergence. was founded in 1998. It is one of the earliest news websites in China. And it also is the only key central news portal focusing on ideology and theory.

On the other hand, NsNewsWire is Bangladesh’s first press news agency.

Established in 2012,  NsNewsWire is a first press newswire in Bangladesh which has exclusive relationships with many leading news agencies, dailies and tv channels in Bangladesh and elsewhere in Asia. A number of Bangladesh’s leading print and electronic media journalists, photo journalists and video journalists has been working for NsNewsWire, the editor of which has won the first-ever World Media Summit (WMS) Global Awards for Excellence. 

Earlier NsNewsWire had signed a news and photo service agreement with Xinhua News Agency, the largest official news agency in the People’s Republic of China.