Grameenphone obeys apex court order, decides to deposit 10 bln taka to BTRC

DHAKA, Feb. 22 (NsNewsWire) — The following is the full and unedited text of a statement received here Saturday from Grameenphone on the apex court verdict directing the cell phone operator to deposit 10 billion taka to the country’s telecom regulator within Monday: “Grameenphone has decided to deposit BDT 1000 crore on 23 February to BTRC, following the order of the Hon’ble Appellate Division on Grameenphone’s review petition heard on 20 February 2020.
Grameenphone respects the legal system of Bangladesh, the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s direction, and looks forward to getting court protection from the pressure BTRC has applied to the company and its
BTRC has applied several actions to restrict Grameenphone’s operations, including declining no objection certificates, issuing show cause notice for license cancellation, denying recycling of number
series and threatening the company with the appointment of an administrator.
These actions have had negative impact on customer experience and business partners, reduced confidence in the business environment and dented interest from investors.
Grameenphone reiterates that the company disputes the validity of the BTRC audit claim and looks
forward to having its position heard before the Hon’ble Courts. Grameenphone continues its dialogue with the authorities of Bangladesh to find an amicable and transparent solution to the dispute and
protect the value to customers, partners and shareholders.
Complying with the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s direction, Grameenphone expects that business operations will run without further obstacles and allow us to best serve our customers.”