Huawei connects the China medical expert team with Bangladesh

12 video conference sessions have been conducted among Chinese medical expert team and departments of Bangladesh government, its medical institutions, designated hospitals and relevant United Nations organizations through the telepresence meeting room of Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited in Dhaka in last eleven days. Huawei ensured the smooth technical integration among all the parties through the Welink video conference system. Mr. Li Wenxiu, Leader of the Chinese medical expert team, expressed his appreciation to Huawei on behalf of the expert team. He says, I thank Huawei for introducing telecom technical consultation before we coming to Bangladesh, and provided the professional video conference venue and high-quality technical connection online meeting after our medical team arrived in Bangladesh. It creates great convenience and efficiency for us. Mr. Hualong Yan, Minister Counsellor and Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) at the Chinese Embassy in Dhaka said, “During the medical expert team stay in Bangladesh, Huawei’s high sense of responsibility and positive work style left a deep impression on us. Here, on behalf of the embassy, we sincerely thank Huawei.” The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has spread around the world, and the situation in Bangladesh is also changing every day. The pandemic is ruthless but there is warmth in humanity, the Chinese medical expert team is supporting Bangladesh fight against COVID-19, we are very glad to provide the communication technology for supporting on it. At the same time we also saw that all walks of life in Bangladesh are doing their best to ensure the operation of the business and fight against the COVID-19. Fighting COVID-19 with Technology, We stand as one.” said by Mr. Zhang Zhengjun, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited. The information and communication technology (ICT) community has a critical role to play in helping governments, businesses and people everywhere cope with this unprecedented crisis and ultimately defeat this disease. Huawei is honored to be one part of the ICT industry and main force in supporting on fight against the COVID-19. Huawei believes that with the joint efforts of all difficult period will be gone through as soon as possible.

Huawei press release issued here June 23