Joint Press Release on the 9th Meeting of the India-Bangladesh Joint Group of Customs

The 9th meeting of the India-Bangladesh Joint Group of Customs (JGC) was held in Dhaka on 21-22 October, 2013. The Bangladesh delegation was led by Mr. Md. Ghulam Hussain, Chairman, National Board of Revenue, Government of Bangladesh. The Indian delegation was led by Mr. Sumit Bose, Revenue Secretary, Government of India.


Trade facilitation and combating evasion of duties and taxes were the focus of the meeting. Keeping that in mind, discussions were held on various issues including improvement in infrastructure and customs procedures at the Land Customs Stations and enhancing bilateral cooperation between the Customs administrations of India and Bangladesh.


India and Bangladesh identified 16 LCSs of high bilateral trade importance and agreed to take measures for synchronization of working hours and days; and extension of the Car Pass system to these 16 LCSs thereby allowing movement of trucks up to the LCS of the importing country for unloading cargo. India and Bangladesh also agreed to improve institutional linkages between their Customs Administrations at operational and policy levels and exchange information for effective application of Customs laws to facilitate trade and protect revenue. For this purpose it was decided that Customs officials of the two countries should travel to each others’ LCSs to discuss improving coordination and resolving operational issues.


Both sides also agreed to keep the LCSs at Benapole/Petrapole and Akhaura/Agartala operational for 7 days a week from 1st January 2014.


The Indian side informed that the ICP at Agartala-Akhura border will be operationalized from November 2013 and the ICPs at Benapole-Petrapole and Tamabil-Dawki borders are expected to be in operation from 2014 and 2015 respectively.


Both sides agreed to work towards facilitating travel by Maitree Express and simplifying procedures in consultation with other stakeholders.The meeting was held in a friendly and cordial atmosphere.

Source: Indian High Commission in Dhaka Sent the Statement