Major General S M Shafiuddion Ahmed Promoted as Lieutenant General

DHAKA, Aug. 26 (NsNewsWire) — Major General SM Shafiuddion Ahmed, NDC, PSC, has been promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant General on 25 August 2019. He was commissioned with 9 BMA long course on 23 December 1983 and joined in the corps of infantry. Lieutenant General S M Shafiuddion Ahmed has commended on Infantry battalion, Ist Infantry battalion in BMA, on Infantry Brigade and served as Director, Military Training Directorate in Army Headquarters. He also commended 19 Infantry Division and served as DG, BIISS, Senior Directing Staff, National Defence College.  He has also participuted in United Nations Mission in Central African Republic as Deputy Force Commander. Before his promotion he was commanding as GOC and Area Commander of Logistics Area. After promotion as a Lieutenant General he is posted as GOC, ARTDOC. ISPR press release