Bangladesh Army Headquarters condemns in the strongest possible
words the concocted and ill intended report by a vested group in the news channel Al-Jazeera
titled ‘All the Prime Minister’s Men’ aired on 02 February 2021 at 0200 hours BST.
This, in fact, is a sequel by the same vested group which has been attempting to
destabilize the country in the recent times. The commentators of the report are Mr. David
Bergman, a convict of International Crimes Tribunal, Mr. Zulkarnain Saer Khan (featured as
Sami in the report), an ex-cadet expelled from Bangladesh Military Academy on charges of drug
addiction and Mr. Tasneem Khalil, the Chief Editor of infamous Netra News. The nexus among
the ill-motivated and vested personalities is clearly visible in their past credentials.
It is not clear how an international news channel like Al-Jazeera can associate itself with
such an ill-intentioned group of people with criminal records. The video is prepared putting
together clips of different official, social and private events using technology. Several
disconnected events are edited together giving voices at the background.
Bangladesh Army denounces the false information provided in the report with respect to
procurement of the Mobile Interceptor Device from Israel. The truth is the equipment was
procured from Hungary for one of the Army Contingents due to be deployed in the UN
Peacekeeping Mission. Nowhere in the equipment was mentioned/written that these were of
Israeli origin. There is no scope of defence co-operation/procurement from Israel since
Bangladesh does not have any formal diplomatic relation with the country.
Bangladesh Army views the report as an attempt by the vested group to break the
harmony among different government organs with a view to obstructing the growth and
development of the country. Bangladesh Army is the most disciplined under the present Chain
of Command and loyal to the constitution and the Government. Bangladesh Army had always
been and will remain respectful to the Government of Bangladesh and contribute in the nation
building efforts of our beloved motherland.
Press release; Dhaka, 02 February 2021