Serbian Labour Minister shows keen interest for Bangladeshi workers

Bangladesh Ambassador to Serbia Mr. Md. Shameem Ahsan met Dr. Darija Kisic Tepavcevic, Serbian Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs on 09 September 2021 at her office in Belgrade. Acknowledging the historic bonds between Dhaka and Belgrade and huge potentials to strengthen bilateral relations specially in the field of labour and employment, both discussed, among other issues, on possible signing of an MoU/Agreement in this regard.

The Ambassador was told about the deep interest of the Serbian companies in hiring skilled and semi-skilled workers from Bangladesh through legal channels. According to the National Employment Agency of Serbia, 30 work permits have been issued recently for Bangladeshi workers. Fourteen Bangladeshi workers already joined an energy company (BEDEM) recently and the Ambassador also visited their Office and interacted with the top managers and the employees. Bangladeshi workers expressed their satisfaction about the working condition and the packages offered to them.

It may be mentioned here that Bangladesh Ambassador to Serbia with residence in Rome was in Belgrade recently in connection with the presentation of credentials on 6 September, 2021 to the Serbian President. Mr. ASM Sayem, Counselor at the Embassy, was present during the above meetings while senior officials from the Serbian side were in attendance.

Press release from Bangladesh’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sept. 11, 2021