Shohoz refreshed with the new slogan ‘Shohoz, Shobar Jonno’

Shohoz – the largest online destination in the country with the highest
number of services – has launched their new brand tagline ‘Shohoz, Shobar Jonno’ which
translates to ‘Shohoz For All’ with an aim to make people’s lives easier by taking care of their
daily needs.
This is the first refresh of Shohoz since its inception, representing an attempt to elevate the role
of the company beyond a startup to a vision for the inclusiveness where everyone deserves a
truly easy life regardless of age, gender, social status, religion or culture. The move is
underpinned by the brand’s ‘SuperApp’ strategy to enhance the user experience.
‘As the quality of life around the globe and in Bangladesh is improving, the demand for a more
convenient lifestyle will continue to rise. While we are envisioning a brighter future for our
generation and the next, it is no surprise that our collective list of wishes will also keep on
growing. To fulfill these demands, fast-paced innovation – accessible for all – is essential and this
is where Shohoz is positioning itself to make the biggest impact,’ said Maliha Quadir, Founder
and Managing Director, Shohoz.
Shohoz believes that technology is the key to solving all kinds of everyday problems. Addressing
consumer needs remain at the heart of the evolution of technology at Shohoz. Access to
technology is a basic right in the 21st century and Shohoz is working relentlessly to democratize
tech-driven services for Bangladeshis. In its efforts of making lives easier, Shohoz has
incorporated various services under one platform, becoming a true super-app. Shohoz wants to
be the first choice for everyday solutions by making their services intuitive, inclusive and user-
Maliha added, ‘At Shohoz, we believe in sustainable growth and in making a mark on society.
We intend to be the one-stop solution for our users, so they can focus on fulfilling their own
ambitions and dreams. Shohoz wants every single Bangladeshi to live up to their full potential,
while the ‘SuperApp’ takes care of their everyday necessities hence, we refreshed ourselves
with the new tagline ‘Shohoz, Shobar Jonno’.’
Shohoz started its journey as a pioneer in digitizing online ticket sales, in 2014. Currently,
Shohoz is providing the highest number of on-demand services, across multiple verticals: Users
can get bus tickets, launch tickets, sports tickets, and movie tickets, hail a ride and get food
delivered – all in just a few taps. At the same time, Shohoz is creating thousands of micro-
entrepreneurs, enabling them with employment that brings along the freedom of choice. The
riders on Shohoz are freelancers and part-timers – giving them the empowerment and financial
freedom. These services have also opened a brilliant window of opportunity for the youth,
making them micro-entrepreneurs. Press Release, Dhaka, Aug. 8.