Special discount offer for Robi Dhonnobad customers from bdtickets.com

DHAKA, Aug. 5 (NsNewsWire) — Robi high value customers can now enjoy up to 300 taka special
discount from http://bdtickets.com on purchase of bus, launch and air tickets. The unique offer
comes as part of Robi’s Dhonnobad program. The offer will be valid till the 30th of September,
In case of purchasing bus and launch tickets, Robi high value customers can get 100 taka
discount for each seat; while, on purchase every single air-ticket, Robi customers can enjoy 300
taka discount.
The most exciting part of the offer is that the customers can enjoy the discount twice, meaning
that even when purchasing the return ticket, they would be able to enjoy the same discount.
However, the customers can purchase up to four tickets in one transaction. Press Release