Washington relaxes sanctions on agricultural sector products

After a month-long barrage of sanctions against Russia, the US has decided to take precautions against a deficit of chemical products.

It equated Russian fertilizers to basic-needs products to prevent them from being blacklisted.

The market is positive that Europe will do the same which would fix traditional delivery patterns.

Maria Lyubimova who heads the international arbitrage and trans-border disputes department at the Regionservis law firm notes that the US green light here indicates that earlier measures on the complete blocking of economic exchange between Russia and the US can be relaxed, above all, in highly vulnerable sectors.

The expert pointed out that the events of the past month have lucidly demonstrated the instability of any legal constructs and the possibility of reviewing any previously concluded agreements in all spheres. Therefore, she added, this decision may be reversed just as swiftly as it was made.

March 31, 2022

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