Yunus delivered keynote speech at the Rotary International Presidential Peace-Building Conference held in Sydney

 Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus delivered a keynote speech at the Rotary International Presidential Peace-Building Conference 2018 on March 17, 2018 held in Sydney. The Conference brought together academics, political leaders, businesses, community leaders and peace activists to explore building peace and to discuss how all can work together to prevent and resolve conflict from an international and local perspective. Professor Yunus spoke about the inherent problems with the existing economic system and how it needs to be redesigned. Hugh Riminton, one of Australia’s leading journalists and foreign correspondents, interviewed Professor Yunus on his new book on-stage in front of the more than 500 attendees who came from many countries of the world.

Yunus is now touring Australia promoting the message of his book ‘A World of Three Zeros’ organized by Grameen Australia. On March 16, 2018 Professor Yunus spoke at Grameen Australia’s flagship thought leadership event ‘Symposium Z’ focused on discussions to usher in ‘A World of Three Zeros’ in Australia. Victor Dominello, MP the New South Wales, Minister for Finance, Services and Property attended the symposium and also held a special meeting with Professor Muhammad Yunus. The Minister sought suggestions from him on how social business can effectively solve the social and economic challenges facing the state. Later New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian met Professor Yunus and appreciated the issues raised by Professor Yunus in his book.

University of New South Wales organised two events around Professor Yunus’ visit, a public event with the Chancellor of the university having a conversation with Professor Yunus on stage to highlight the issues of Yunus’ book. This event was attended by community leaders, businessmen, bankers, students and faculty.  Vice-Chancellor of the university hosted a special dinner with deans and senior faculty members, Foundation leaders to have an intensive discussion with Yunus. The Vice-Chancellor moderated the discussion.  He wanted to know the progress of the Yunus Social Business Centre established last year in his university with his initiative to teach social business courses and promote social business initiatives.

On the third day Professor Yunus addressed the fund managers of top investment funds in Australia. He urged them to set aside one percent of their investments for social business. Some fund managers expressed their interest to attend Social Business Day which will be held in Bangalore on June 28-29 this year.