Zaker Party chairman calls for peace prayers

DHAKA, Aug. 5 (NsNewsWire) — Zaker Party Chairman Pirzada Alhaj Khwaja Mostafa Amir Faisal Mujaddedi has called upon all the leaders, workers, supporters and well-wishers of Zaker Party and its associate organizations, as well as all other citizens of Bangladesh, to organize Dua Mahfils (Milad Mahfils and special prayers) for the peace and stability of our country, in the current context.
In a message, he called upon all to pray for the salvation of the souls of the two students, who got tragically killed, and for their bereaved families and relations, and for the grace and mercy of the Almighty for all those who got injured and harmed in the events that unfolded later on – by organizing Dua Mahfils and praying for them all.
The Zaker Party Chairman said, All of us should pray to the Almighty so that we may have a change in the prevailing attitude and outlook in our thinking and our behaviour – so that all of us can calm down, and be peace-loving release