Journalist attached to Bangladesh PM office gets death threat

DHAKA, Oct. 27 (nsnewswire) — The  son of Attorney General Mahbubey Alam has received a death threat after his daughter was similarly threatened a few days ago, reported Sunday.

 A general diary was filed with the Uttara (west) Police Station on Sunday in this connection.
The Attorney General’s son, Sumon Mahbub, is correspondent covering the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and Parliament affairs.Sumon said he had received the letter on Sunday afternoon. “A peon gave the letter around noon. The address was typed on a paper pasted on a khaki envelope. My name was on the recipient side.”

A piece of shroud was also sent with the letter, he said.

The letter read, “Mahbubey Alam’s son Sumon Mahbub, a death warrant has been issued for you, your wife and son, your parents, sister, her husband and son. Get ready to die with the cloth sent for you.”

The letter was signed by Islam Rakkhakari Dal, a party claiming to be protector of Islam.

Earlier, on Sept 22, Sumon Mahbub’s sister Shishir Kona also got a similar letter signed by the Islam Rakkhakari Dal. She filed a general diary with the Shahbagh police.