Earth Telecom Deploys Juniper Networks to Deliver High-Speed Internet

DHAKA, Nov. 5 (Earth Telecom Press Release)– Earth Telecommunication Limited one of Bangladesh’s leading International Internet Gateway (IIG) service providers, w ill deploy Juniper Networks the industry leader in network innovation, including routing, switching and security elements. The Juniper Networks solution enables Earth Telecom to scale its service on a pay-as-you-go basis, providing affordable quality Internet access to the masses of Bangladesh while improving its quality of service and security to existing customers.

The Bangladeshi Internet service market is changing rapidly with usage growing more than 200 percent since 2011. However, penetration via mobile, fixed line and WiMax networks is less than 23 percent of the country’s population of 160 million. Internet usage in Bangladesh is expected to skyrocket in the next few years, driven by a range of factors—notably a four-fold increase in the country’s international cable bandwidth, increased computerization of government and private sector operations, the introduction of 3G mobile services, the expansion of ISPs, and rising consumption of digital media.

Earth Telecom was struggling to cope with growth in demand due to scalability limitations of its existing network architecture, creating pressure on its service level agreements. Due to the large number of competing IIGs, it was vital for the company to create market differentiation with a more robust IP network while proving a more cost-effective service.

Based on its thorough understanding of Earth Telecom’s business requirements, Juniper Networks was able to offer an end-to-end solution with a simplified architecture that makes it easy for the company to scale its network without requiring a large up-front investment.

“Increasingly widespread Internet access is a game changer in our country and with the first 3G mobile networks being rolled out, and others to follow shortly, more than 100 million Bangladeshis will have the opportunity to get online. That represents a tremendous opportunity for us now that we have a Juniper Networks infrastructure that enables us to cost-effectively scale while maintaining the high quality of service our customers expect.” Said Kamal Hossain Managing director, Earth Telecommunications

“Earth Telecom is benefitting from all the years of R&D and experience Juniper Networks has put into solving the technical and commercial challenges of service provider networks. With the Juniper infrastructure Earth Telecom now has in place, its customers are connecting to the rest of the planet via the same world-class technologies that the world’s largest service providers are using. That means Earth Telecom can profitably scale its operation while keeping its costs well under control and maintaining excellent service quality.” Said Ravi Chauhan, managing director, India & SAARC, Juniper Networks