Huawei introduces new data center products and solutions in Bangladesh

The Digital Power Business Department of Huawei South Asia brings the latest Data Center Products and Solutions in Bangladesh through the ‘Bangladesh Data Center Partner Event 2023’. The grand event focused on spreading knowledge and awareness among Bangladeshi customers about the latest data center solutions and bringing a significant impact in their lives with the power of ICT. 

At the Bangladesh Data Center Partner Event 2023, Huawei officially launched SmartLi, a Huawei-developed battery energy storage system solution, FusionModule800, a smart small data center solution for edge computing and branch outlets, and UPS5000-E, a modular UPS solution for medium-sized data centers and critical power supply scenarios, in the Bangladesh market. Simultaneously, FusionDC1000A, a modular UPS solution for medium-sized data centers and critical power supply scenarios, and FusionModule2000, a highly integrated solution that comprises power supply, cooling, rack & structure, cabling, management system within a module, were also showcased at the event. 

The ICT ecosystem of Bangladesh has grown tremendously with rising internet connectivity, availability of affordable smartphones and a large section of digitally savvy consumers. As digital transformation gains momentum, data has become a key factor in sustainable human evolution. More companies are adopting data center solutions for the smooth operations and efficiency. Hence competent and low-cost power generation have become inevitable. With that perspective and intention to support the industry Huawei brings some of the industry’s latest Data Center Products and Solutions to Bangladesh. These products and solutions will help Bangladesh to keep pace with the ongoing digital boom and increase efficiency across all industries. 

The Bangladesh Data Center Partner Event 2023 was graced by the presence of Huawei’s Value-Added Partners (VAP), Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd. and other tier-1 and tier-2 partners. Managing Director of Digital Power, Huawei South Asia, Liang Weixing (Jack) and Mohammad Zahirul Islam, Managing Director, Smart Technologies (BD) Limited, shared their experience in the industry and spoke about Huawei Data Center products and services.  

Liang Weixing (Jack), Managing Director, Digital Power, Huawei South Asia, said, “For the past few years Huawei has been working relentlessly to provide smart and green power solutions to the industries of Bangladesh. Being efficient with own data center has become very crucial and Huawei is excited to launch the new Data Center Products and Solutions in the Bangladesh market. We strongly believe that with our digital solutions, the country and its people will get the opportunity to utilize the true power of ICT and foster a technologically-enabled future!”

Mohammad Zahirul Islam, Managing Director, Smart Technologies (BD) Limited, said, “Huawei’s new data center technology products and solutions showcased in this event hold unlimited potential for our country and its cutting-edge technologies can help us achieve the target of Smart Bangladesh with great value. We all know the importance of data centers in this era of connectivity and we are pleased to partner with Huawei.” 

It is mentionable that along with the launch of the products, the event also comprised an experience-sharing session to help participants gain insights for industry experts and a session about the ten top global trends of data centers to explore future directions and industry advancements. Lastly, Huawei unveiled its strategic partnership opportunities and policies at the event.  Huawei press release, June 7,2023