Ministry of Primary and Mass Education inks a deal with Rupali Bank SureCash again for this fiscal year

Rupali Bank SureCash has been successfully disbursing primary students’ stipend to their mothers for consecutively for 3 years now. As a result, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has made an agreement with Rupali Bank SureCash again.
Under this project 1 crore 78 lakhs mothers have been registered for mobile banking account till now and are receiving stipend money directly to their account through this digital system. This digital payment procedure has helped mothers to enjoy the facility of receiving the money at their account, their children are entitled to, and withdraw cash from a place close to their home instead of visiting stipend disbursement centers leaving their household work. Having an own account is not only saving their time and energy but is also playing a significant role in empowering the women in our county.
Over the span of last three years, Rupali Bank’s SureCash has handled this project successfully. The proper execution and implementation of the system has been praised by different international organizations and the media as well. The recognition has come from various organizations, among which the most renowned were International organization CGAP (the consultative group to assist the poor), Japan’s Nikkei Business (the most circulated Economic Magazine of the globe) and Singapore Management University Magazine.
Md. Badiar Rahman, Director (Joint-Secretary), Directorate of Primary Education and Mohammad Jahangir Alam, Deputy Managing Director, Rupali Bank Limited signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations. Md. Zakir Hossen, MP, State Minister, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education was the chief guest while Mr. Md Akram-Al-Hossain, Secretary of the same Ministry was present as a special guest. Dr. AFM Manzur Kadir, NDC, Director General, Directorate of Primary Education presided the ceremony

Md. Eusuf Ali, Project Director, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education; Md. Obayed Ullah Al Masud, Managing Director, Rupali Bank Ltd.; Dr. Shahadat Khan, Chief Executive Officer, SureCash; Md. Abu Taleb, Chief Business Officer, SureCash were present in the signing ceremony with other senior officials.
Md. Zakir Hossen, MP, State Minister, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education said, “Using mobile banking system to provide Primary Education scholarship is one of the largest digitization projects in the world. Every year we are disbursing stipend money to over one crore mothers throughout the country. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina envisioned a journey called ‘Digital Bangladesh’ and this project titled ‘Mayer Hasi’ is a step closer to that dream. As a result, she has emphasized the importance of this project.”
Md Akram-Al-Hossain, Secretary, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education said, “Through this project we have been able to include 67 thousand primary schools in the digitization process. Now, every three months we are collecting information and preparing a database using these systems which will in turn play an important role in the improvement of the primary education sector.”
Md. Obayed Ullah Al Masud, Managing Director, Rupali Bank Ltd. shared a few words among which he said, “Rupali Bank is really proud to be a part of Government’s largest digital payment service. There are about 1 crore 50 lac people enjoying Government’s financial benefits and among them 1 crore people are getting their facility through this project. We would like to work with the Government and their other social security projects in the future.”
Dr. Shahadat Khan, Chief Executive Officer, SureCash added, “For this particular project we have made a customized software and a web based portal which is currently being used all over the country. Considering and assessing project requirements, some of our talented young professionals have created this software. Being a part of this is definitely a delightful moment for us.”
Notably, Rupali Bank is the only state bank of Bangladesh which provides such mobile banking facilities. Rupali bank SureCash is a complete mobile banking and payment service which has nearly 2 crore customers. Among the many facilities provided customers can pay bills, send money, recharge mobile phones and can also pay fees of educational institutions. Besides that, the service enables customers to cash-in and cash-out all over the country through 1 lakh 80 thousand agents. Press release