ZTE showcases its cutting-edge solutions at Digital Bangladesh Mela 2023

ZTE Corporation (0763. HK / 000063.SZ), a leading global provider of information and communication technology solutions has brought its cutting-edge solutions to participate in the Digital Bangladesh Mela 2023 as diamond sponsor, from January 26-28 in Bangladesh.

Digital Bangladesh Mela 2023 is the largest exposition aimed at showcasing IT and ITES products and services in Bangladesh. As the country has taken a great leap in Digital Wave, the event which brings together ICT companies, personalities, professionals, key policymakers, industry leaders, and other ICT stakeholders, was organized by the Department of Post and Telecommunication.

This time around, ZTE introduced the PowerPilot Pro solution, uSmartNet solution, and Unisite NEO solution for the wireless network situation in Bangladesh. Among them, PowerPilot is the industry’s first AI-based service navigation to achieve multi-frequency and multi-standard in-depth collaboration and help optimize network energy efficiency. The uSmartNet autonomous evolution network solution, including wireless autonomous evolution network solution AIVO (AI Insight Value Operation), Athena autonomous evolution wired network solution, and autonomous evolution core network solution. Enables on-demand scheduling of network resources, simplifies management and maintenance, and quickly responds to service changes, helping operators reduce CAPEX and OPEX and increase operating revenue.

ZTE also presents its Smart Grid, Broadband, Modular Data Center and uSmart Cloud PC solutions. Broadband and Data center will be serving as the foundation of all kinds of intelligent applications in a smart society, ZTE continuously works on them to make the network faster, and the data center more energy efficient. uSmart Cloud PC is based on virtualization technologies, its flexibility, easy maintenance, guaranteed data security, makes it is suitable for certain occasions, especially for school, large organizations, the finance sector and etc. Reducing commercial losses through digitalization is one of the key factors that have contributed to lower distribution losses, ZTE’s smart grid solutions covering transmission to distribution will certainly help utility clients in building a strong and smart power network.

As Bangladesh’s digital economy develops, it has brought both opportunities and challenges, accelerating its digital transformation in the 5G era. In the future, ZTE will continue its commitment to technological innovation and conduct in-depth collaboration with operators and industry partners, enabling it to contribute to Bangladesh’s strategic growth. Press Release, Jan. 26, 2023