Russian Embassy in Bangladesh: West fakes Bucha massacre to discredit Moscow

The Western state leaders, the Kiev regime and mass media have been promoting allegations that Russia committed mass killings of civilians in the Ukrainian town of Bucha based exclusively on video footage, taken by the Ukrainian National Police, and a few images. However, the following facts show inconsistencies with the Western-promoted narrative and point at the provocation planned to discredit Moscow without full investigation.

  • The Russian troops withdrew from Bucha on March 30, the day after the Russia-Ukraine talks in Turkey. The first evidences, which were circulated in social media after regaining control of the city by the Ukrainian government – namely, the video message by Bucha Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk (March 31), the photo in social media by the member of the Ukrainian parliament Zhan Beleniuk (March 31), the record by a group commander of the Ukrainian territorial defense Sergey Korotkikh (April 1 – 2) – report no civilian casualties in the town.
  • When the Security Service and representatives of media of Ukraine arrived in the town, no casualties were found and the locals made no complaints during the communication with the Ukrainian military, as evidenced by the video published on April 2 by the National Guard of Ukraine.
  • As the Ukrainian militia members do not always wear military uniforms, local civilians in Bucha wore white stripes on their upper arms when the Russian forces were stationed in Bucha in order not to be confused with the militia, while the Ukrainian forces used either yellow or blue armlets. On the videos distributed by the Ukrainian side on April 3, almost all the corpses have white bandages. When the Ukrainian forces entered the town they fired at the people with white stripes and killed the civilians, assuming that everyone with that bandage was somehow aligned with the Russian forces. One of the evidences of that is the recorded conversation between members of Ukrainian units, where one of the radicals asks “There are guys without blue armlets, can I shoot them?” and the other gives a positive reply.
  • When Bucha was under the control of the Russian armed forces, not a single local resident suffered from any violent action. The locals were moving freely around the town and using cellular phones. So they could post on social media any photo and video footage of any theoretical “harassment” if this were the case.
  • The exits from Bucha were not blocked, so all local residents were free to leave the town in the northern direction, including to the Republic of Belarus.
  • All the bodies of the people whose images have been published by the Kiev regime are not stiffened after at least four days. The bodies do not have signs of decomposition known to forensic experts, including cadaver stains.

Press release

Russian Embassy


April 6, 2022